Thursday, December 08, 2016

"Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty"

See here.

Thus far, President-elect Trump has chosen for his cabinet and various agencies:
  • three generals
  • someone with no experience in education and a negative attitude toward public schools as Secretary of Education
  • a person currently participating in a lawsuit against the Environmental Protection Agency as head of that same agency
  • an investor and former banker to regulate business as Secretary of Commerce
  • an opponent of the Affordable Care Act ("ObamaCare") and a woman's right to choose as Secretary of Health and Human Services
And I missed a few.

I haven't quite decided whether the U.S. is about to undergo some semblance of a peaceful military take-over and/or whether we've just sold the federal government to the highest bidders (be the bids monetary and/or of the flattery-will-get-you-everywhere-with-Trump variety). 

The Secretary of Education will probably drive funding away from public education by offering parents government vouchers to send their children to under-regulated, or unregulated, private or religious schools that accept government vouchers (but probably don't accept special-education students).

The head of the EPA will, basically, turn the environment over to the fossil-fuel industry.

The Secretary of Commerce will ensure that Wall Street has every opportunity to rip us off.  So much for looking out for the working people.  Maybe we should just call this country

And the Secretary of Health will try to take away not only health insurance, but the right to access a full range of family-planning options, from billions of people.

American women have only had the right to control our own bodies since the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision in 1973.

If you haven't yet read A Handmaid's Tale, now would be a good time.  It's not only a book about how quickly independent women can be turned into slaves, but also, how quickly an entire free country--in the case of the book, that country is the United States--can be turned into a theocracy in which not even the men are truly free.

We thought that reproductive rights were safe.  But as we now see, they can be taken away at any time.  All it takes is a bit of patriarchal backlash.

What other rights might we lose under the new administration?

But you don't have to take my word for it.  Here's what just e-mailed me:

"Trump has tapped Jeffrey Eisenach, Mark Jamison and Roslyn Layton to head up his tech transition team. And it’s a clear signal that the president-elect is clogging the drain.
Eisenach works for Verizon and doesn’t think broadband monopolies are real.1 Jamison, a former Sprint lobbyist, believes the FCC should be dismantled. Layton opposes the communication rights of real people in favor of the gatekeeper agenda of companies like AT&T and Comcast.2
All three are outspoken opponents of Net Neutrality."

What will we have to do to preserve our freedom?

Update--Saturday Night Live nails it:

"Tapper (Beck Bennett) begins his interview with Conway (Kate McKinnon) by questioning Trump’s latest Cabinet picks, which include Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt, a climate change denier, to head the EPA.
“Kellyanne, it’s almost like Mr. Trump appoints these people specifically to undermine the very agencies they head,” Tapper said. “Are these bad picks?”
“No, Jake, they are not bad,” Conway responded. “They are alt-good.”

CNN concurs--see this Monday, December 12, 2016 article (and do read past the headline, where you'll find not only a current, but a historical perspective):
Trump is appointing people who hate the agencies they will lead


Blogger Jeanne Barrack said...

And Dr. Ben Carson has been named the head of HUD. If you examine his biography closely, you'll find several of the type of comments, tweaked "facts", etc., similar to those of Mr. Trump. I guess Trump figured if he came from Detroit, he must be familiar with Housing problems. (Check Carson's Wikipedia entry,and a NY Times article from 12/05/16, for more on his background, positions,etc.)

BTW, excellent article in the Forward this week by Jake Romm analyzing the TIME person of the year cover. Goes beyond the "red devil ears" above Trump's head.

Have a good Shabbos!

Fri Dec 09, 05:07:00 PM 2016  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Not to mention that the choice for Secretary of Labor is anti-labor--he hates unions, opposes the minimum wage, and would automate his fast-food chain so as not to have to deal with such niceties as vacations and employee lawsuits. Yep, has arrived. :(

Thanks for recommending that Forward article. (I'm too lazy to create a link--just "google" Jewish Daily Forward and do a search for Jake Romm.) I wouldn't have thought to look so closely at the portrait. I sent the URL to my husband and son.

Sat Dec 10, 08:09:00 PM 2016  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Let's see whether this works:
[A HREF=””]Jake Romm’s Why Time’s Trump Cover Is a Subversive Work of Political Art (re Nadav Kander’s cover photo[/A]

Mon Dec 12, 12:21:00 PM 2016  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Bummer--my link-creation instructions no longer work. :( If any of my 3 readers has an updated version of link-creation instructions, please post them here. Thanks.

Mon Dec 12, 12:28:00 PM 2016  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

I missed a step--let me try again:
Jake Romm’s Why Time’s Trump Cover Is a Subversive Work of Political Art (re Nadav Kander’s cover photo

Mon Dec 12, 12:34:00 PM 2016  
Blogger Shira Salamone said...

Never mind--I give up. Here's the URL:

Mon Dec 12, 12:35:00 PM 2016  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

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Tue Dec 13, 07:12:00 PM 2016  

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